This monumental farm is situated nord-west of the village Cothen where the street Nachtdijk and the stream Nachtsloot cross each other, not far from the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal. The surrounding open agricultural landscape has irregular block shaped lots.
It is a so called longhouse farm, in which the living area and a stable are under the same roof. The farmhouse was built in 1929 by J.M. Vernooij for his son. These days this man of now 83 years old is living in a small neighbouring house, build in the 70’s.
In 2000 Ellen Kok-Hendriks moved with her husband Gijs and their four children from the nearby town Houten to the farm. The farmhouse has been restored and modernised since then, from both inside and outside. Moreover, the traditional barnyard with classical garden has been replanted in original style. The big stable next to the farmhouse has been reconstructed in 2013 to serve as Bed & Breakfast. The more modern barn for cows that was attached to the stable and no longer in use has been demolished for this purpose. A third building on the farm that is under monumental protection is the haystack from 1970. The whole farm is still in extraordinary good order.

The longhouse farm
The farmhouse has many interesting characteristics. It has a very high roof, covered with Tuilles du Nord tiles. The masonry has yellow and red bricks as decorations around the windows. Another characteristic from the Neorenaissance times is the coloured glass-glass in the upper part of the windows. The hallway in the living area has been decorated with Art Deco style paint on the wall. Moreover there is a basement which was build for cheesemaking but appeared to not serve the purpose very well.

The stable
The stable is almost as long as the farmhouse, however not as high. It had been in a very bad condition and is therefore reconstructed in a way in which the old characteristics have been kept or restored into the building.

The haystack is much younger than the farmhouse and stable, it was built in 1970. It is a three roeder with a hexagonal hood from metal. It is topped up by a viron with weather vane.