B&B De Nachtdijk is housed in a municipal monument, a building which has been used for generations for agricultural purposes and now has a new sustainable function.

It is our mission to make the B&B as sustainable as possible in an innovative way. To achieve this we do many things:

  • The hot water in the shower as well as the heating of the rooms are derived from the sun.
  • Electricity is also sourced from the sun. During the day we supply the grid which we use in the night.
  • Toilets flush with greywater
  • The building is optimally isolated
  • In the renovation of the building many old building materials were reused, including broken debris, isolation panels from the old stable and wooden planks.
  • We clean using eco-friendly cleaning products
  • ┬áBreakfast mainly consists of regional products and from own produce
  • We reduce the amount of packaging materials
  • We do laundry efficiently and both the washers and the dryer have an A+++ certification
  • Lighting is nearly completely LED

Because of all these measures, B&B De Nachtdijk is proud have earned the Green Key certification, the international eco-label of the hospitality sector!